Versata BRMS

Web Development,
The Way It Was
Meant to Be

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Fastest Tool on the Market

  • Spend Your Time on Running a Great App, Not Building It

    Build a simple web application in 30 minutes.

  • Experience the Power of 10X

    Develop applications that are exponentially faster.

  • Instant Access

    Initialize and access your app at 20X the speed you’re used to.

Business Rules Without the Hassle

  • Agile Application Development

    Enjoy the power and flexibility of developing in the language of business rules.

  • Less Risk. More Reward.

    Let our tool do the coding for you. Leave the Java – and related bugs – behind.

  • Rapid Ramp-Up

    An open architecture and SOA eliminates the need for specific skill sets

Connect to the Cloud

Build in your environment. Deploy in your environment or in the cloud.