Versata BRMS

Dramatic Advancements with BRMS Enterprise Edition

The BRMS Enterprise Edition includes all the features of the BRMS Standard Edition, but delivers dramatically advanced functionality in the areas of speed and scalability. Enterprise is the choice of organizations where seconds and milliseconds matter to engage users and drive efficiencies.

  • Implement core application operations - not in seconds - but in milliseconds
  • Make your applications 3-10x more scalable
  • Standard Java-based Jet templates replace template technology

Speed improvements based on a database of 300,000 records and a repository of 200 tables in comparison to applications running on previous editions of Versata BRMS. Actual performance may vary in production environments with improvements in test on larger databases and more complex repositories exceeding those presented in some cases. With the Managed Upgrade Service available with Platinum Support, Versata will help achieve these results in customer specific environments.

BRMS Certified Platforms

Experience has shown us that accelerated innovation is enabled by depth of platform focus, not breadth. For that reason, Versata’s focus is consistent innovation of BRMS on a targeted set of stable and powerful platforms:

BRMS 2012 Standard BRMS 2012 Enterprise
Operating System
Windows 7 Windows 7
Operating System
(App Server/ Database)
Windows Server 2008 r2 Windows Server 2008 r2
Redhat Enterprise Linux (RHEL 5.6)
Java JDK 1.6 JDK 1.6
JBoss 7.1 JBoss 7.1
Database SQL Server 2008 SQL Server 2008
Oracle 11g